Alpine Cda-9887

PROMO akhir tahun (selama persediaan masih ada) alpine 9887 + ipod cable garansi alpine Rp.3.150.000

Full Speed Connection For iPod

Made for iPodFull Speed Connection for iPod lets you enjoy all your favorite iPod tracks on the road. View Playlist, artist, album, and song search right on the screen of your head unit. There’s no need for bulky interface boxes, just a cable (KCE-422i) that connects your iPod directly to your Alpine. Forget FM transmitters and forget static, hollow sound. Full Speed Connection also supports Apple lossless playback. With Alpine, you can take your iPod on the road and sound good while you’re doing it. 


QuickSearchHave lots of music? Find it fast! With Alpine’s exclusive QuickSearch technology, you’ll be able to find what you want, the quickest and easiest way possible. With so many ways to listen to thousands of songs, now you can get super-fast access to artists, songs, albums, playlists, and radio stations. Large control buttons and a rotary encoder make it easy to search all sources, including iPod and satellite radio. No interruptions, while you search, so you can keep enjoying your music. 

Percentage Search

For especially big music libraries, the new Percentage Search function uses the preset buttons for quick jumps to specific parts of the list.

Advanced Technology For Ultimate Sound Quality

Alpine has combined their in-vehicle sound system expertise with Audyssey’s acoustical technology to deliver a sound system hardware-plus-software platform with breakthrough equalization technology. IMPRINT automatically overcomes the car’s inherent acoustical challenges, and improves the sound stage, tonal balance, and definition.

* Activate IMPRINT using the IMPRINT Sound Manager (KTX-100EQ) software, sold separately.

The Sonic Magic Of MultEQ™

The car interior is an acoustical challenge. Interior surfaces reflect sound while other surfaces reflect sound while other surfaces absorb it. IMPRINT sound overcomes the car’s inherent acoustical challenges, improving the sound stage, tonal balance and definition.

MultEQ solves all this by using more than 500 control points along the frequency spectrum. This optimizes the sound reproduction to the specific vehicle listening environment with much greater precision that has been acheived up to now – reproducing the music as it was meant to be heard throughout the car.

Plug It In Your Alpine

There’s a simple and inexpensive way to connect extra devices to your Alpine Ai-NET head unit. With the KCA-121B (Versatile-Link Cable), you can connect the audio output of your DVD player, or video game console and listen through your entire Alpine system. You can even connect to your MP3 player. All you need is the KCA-121B and a RCA to mini jack adapter cable – connect one end to the head unit and you can plug the mini jack into your MP3 player and enjoy your music.

All Digital HD Radio

HD RadioAlpine does HD. Get all the music and programming you want to hear in crystal-clear digital format (with the TUA-T550HD). FM stations with CD-quality sound, AM stations with FM-quality sound, and virtually no distortion. With multi-casting capability HD1, HD2, and HD3, you’ll hear more talk and music content from the stations you already receive. 

Satellite Radio Ready

Sirius Satellite readySIRIUS or XM, Alpine brings your choice of satellite radio inside your car. Add the KCA-SC100 interface for your portable SIRIUS Plug-n-Play device and get automatic Game Alert and Song Alert services, plus convenient program replay and pause functions. 

Bluetooth Wireless Technology

BluetoothKeep your hands on the wheel and still stay in touch. The CDA-9887 is ready for Bluetooth wireless technology. As long as your cell phone is Bluetooth compatible, simply add the Alpine adapter for Bluetooth wireless technology(KCE-300BT) and you’re set. When you enter your car, an immediate connection is established between your phone and the head unit. View caller information, including missed and dialed phone numbers all from the head unit. You can also view and make a call from your phone contact list right from the head unit. 

When you’re not using your Bluetooth feature to carry phone conversations, you also have the option of listening to streaming audio devices via Bluetooth wireless technology. Instead of listening to your streaming audio through your cell phone, you can listen to it in your car through your system via Bluetooth wireless technology. For some Bluetooth enabled streaming audio devices that support command and control protocols, functions such as presets, play/pause, and track up/track down may also be available. ***

*See your cell phone user guide for specific instructions on how to enable Bluetooth functionality on your cell phone.

**With many stand-alone Bluetooth audio-streaming devices, you will have basic output volume control only.

Control Your Alpine From The Steering Wheel

Replace the factory-installed head unit without loss of this convenient option. Select Alpine head units which are steering wheel remote control ready allow you the option to control your head unit right from your factory installed steering wheel controls using a third party adapter. Use popular brand names such as Soundgate or PAC to add this feature.


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